String Knit Gloves


Ansell MultiKnit Poly/Cotton String Knit Mediumweight - 9(L)

Mediumweight white glove knitted from a blend of poly/cotton fibers. Reversible and will not shrink when laundered. Better resistance from abrasion than ordinary cotton gloves. Excellent replacement for canvas and jersey gloves.  25 DZ/CS

Alternate #76-203-9

West Chester Standard 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester - Men's

70% cotton, 30% polyester glove available in men's and women's sizes. Choose from standard, medium or heavy weight knit. 7-cut, string knit with overcast edging. Overcast edging is superior to other closures and will outwear and outperform when laundered.  40dz/cs

Alternate #708S-M