Carpet Spot / Gum Removers


Chemspec® Liqua-Gel w/Biosolv® - 16 oz.

Effectively removes grease, tar, ink, glue, gum, adhesives, oils and other solvent-based substances. Non-toxic RTU formulation.  12/cs

Alternate #LGCS

3M™ Carpet Spot Remover & Upholstery Cleaner

Designed to clean carpets and upholstery. Releases both oil- and water-based soils from carpet and upholstery.  12/cs

Alternate #14003

3M™ Carpet Spray Cleaner - Gal.

Excellent surface cleaner for lightly soiled carpets. Low-foaming, low-moisture cleaner dries in less than 30 minutes. Dilution rate: 1:20.  4/cs

Alternate #25983

Buckeye® Gone™ Carpet Spot Cleaner - Qt.

Universal, ready-to-use carpet and upholstery spot remover and cleaner. Removes the toughest soils and stains. Contains patented Liquescent® Eta.  12/cs

Alternate #5375-0600

Buckeye® Pathfinder™ Traffic Lane/Spot Cleaner

As a prespray, lifts soils from heavy-traffic areas. Contains patented Liquescent® Beta.

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Chemspec® Paint, Oil & Grease Remover - Qt.

Removes the toughest paint, oil, and grease soils from carpets. Also highly effective on shoe polish, marking pen and oxidized oils.  12/cs

Alternate #POGCS

Chemspec® Professional Spot Lifter w/Biosolv® - Qt.

General purpose spotter fortified with Biosolv®. Reach for this product first to tackle most carpet spots.  12/cs

Alternate #PSLCS

Chemspec® Rust Remover - Qt.

Specifically formulated to remove the toughest rust stains from a variety of carpets and fabrics.  12/cs

Alternate #RRCS

Host® Dry Carpet Cleaner - 2.2 lbs

Handy for routine spot removal and small area cleaning. Perfect refill for the Carpet Spot Removal Kit. Keep one or two on board the Liberator for spot cleaning. No added fragrance. WoolSafe approved. Green Seal™ Certified.  12/cs

Alternate #C1376

Host® Spot Remover - Qt.

Great, all-around spotter that can remove most any stain when used with Host Sponges. Special emulsion removes grease, oil and water-based spots. Excellent for gum, tar and hardened food spots. WoolSafe approved.  12/cs

Alternate #S12L