Nobles® Scout™ 3B Battery Walk-Behind Sweeper - 34"

Well suited for indoor and outdoor cleaning on hard and soft floor surfaces. Battery operation and broom drive makes cleaning simple anytime, anywhere. Brush speed: 378 rpm; Main brush length: 20". Side brush dia: 13"; Battery w/charger on board 12V AGM. Dust filtration: 99.97 @ .3 microns.  ea

Alternate #1071117

Nobles® Scout™ 5 Walk-Behind Sweeper - 24"

The 24" sweeping path is perfect for tight spaces and sweeping around clothing racks or retail displays. Brush speed: 390 rpm; Main brush length: 16". Side brush diameter: 12"; Debris hopper volume: 1.3 ft3. Battery w/charge on board: 12 V AGM.  ea

Alternate #1071118

Advance Terra® 28B Walk-Behind Sweeper

Superior pickup on hard and soft floors. Side broom eliminates the need for edge cleaning after sweeping. Compact and easy to maneuver. Main broom/traction motor: 0.3 hp. Side broom motor: 0.05 hp. Vacuum fan: 0.07 hp.  ea

Alternate #9084702010

Nobles® V-WA-30 Wide Area Vacuum

This durable wide area vacuum cleans large carpeted areas with nearly four times the productivity over traditional upright vacuums. Vac motor: (2) 1 hp motors 12.6A/1512W. Brush motor: 0.25 hp, 1800 rpm. Vacuum bag capacity: 1.6 bushel; Power Cord: 75'.  ea

Alternate #1068029

Nobles® Scout™ 28 Automatic Sweeper - 28", 105AH

CRI Green Label Approved Scout™ 28. Sweeper's body has been redesigned to provide a sleek appearance. Comes with 1 battery (105 amp hours, 12 volt). Deluxe automatic charger included. 3-wheel turning system & fingertip controls.  ea

Alternate #611680