Industrial Cleaners / Degreasers


EnvirOx® Green Certified Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Gal.

One product two dilutions 95% of general cleaning. Unique hydrogen peroxide formulation. Leaves surfaces virtually residue-free, reducing re-soiling. Use on any water safe surface. Cuts grease with neutral pH. Green Seal™ Certified.  4/cs

Alternate #113-04B-GS

Taski PROFI Oil & Grease Remover - Gal.

Taski PROFI is a highly effective nonionic oil and grease remover for all resilient and synthetic rubber-flooring. Butyl-free, caustic alkali free and fully biodegradable.  4/cs

Alternate #92009

3M™ T 'n F™ 26H Industrial Degreaser - 2 L, Gray Cap

Available in high flow for dispensing into buckets and low flow for dispensing into spray bottles. Can be used in industrial plants, transportation and auto facilities, schools, hospitals and other facilities to clean a variety of surfaces. Removes petroleum-based grease & oil, animal fats, food soils, & heavy dirt build-up.  6/cs

Alternate #29664

Buckeye® ShopMaster® Degreaser - 5 Gal. Box

Available in various sizes. Formulated for heavy-duty industrial cleaning and degreasing. Safe for all metals when diluted. Contains no hazardous ingredients as defined by OSHA. Contains patented Liquescent® Alpha.  ea

Alternate #5770-5000

Buckeye® Two-O-One™ Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser - Gal

Extra heavy-duty, low foam detergent for automatic scrubbers. Quickly penetrates and dissolves grease, oil, dirt and other soils. Can be used in pressure washers, and sprayers. Can be used for mop on application.  4/cs

Alternate #5055-1000

Buckeye® Workout® Cleaner/Degreaser - Qt.

The muscle cleaner. Heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser. Ready-to-use. Contains patented Liquescent® Beta.  12/cs

Alternate #5007-0600

Buckeye® Workout® Cleaner/Degreaser - 5 Gal. Box

The muscle cleaner. Heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser. Ready-to-use. AP-5 Gallon Bag in a Box. Contains patented Liquescent® Beta.  ea

Alternate #5007-5000

Buckeye® XL-100 Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

Tough, fast-acting cleaner. USDA Listed. Excellent on equipment and concrete surfaces. Contains patented Liquescent® Gamma.

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EnvirOx® Green Certified Industrial Degreaser - Gal.

Improved cleaning power. Plant derived renewable resource ingredients. Reduced Aquatic Toxicity. Reduced Human Toxicity. Improved Biodegradability. Low VOC's. Heavy degreasing with power, safety and sustainability for all your industrial needs. Neutral pH with no bleaching, fading or damage that occurs. Safe for any water-safe surface. Attacks grease not you!  4/cs

Alternate #143-04B

MPC™ Formula X05 Heavy Duty Spray Cleaner - 32 oz.

A ready to use cleaner degreaser formulated to instantly remove grease, oil, carbon, or any other industrial soil. Can be used on all surfaces not harmed by water. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable.  12/cs

Alternate #X05-32

MPC™ Green Revite Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser - Gal.

A concentrated heavy duty cleaner degreaser for use on medium to heavy industrial soils. This product is formulated to quickly and effectively remove grease, oil, carbon, or any other industrial soil from concrete, machinery, engines, floors, walls, etc. Low foaming for use in automatic scrubbers. This phosphate free formula is nonflammable and non-corrosive.  4/cs

Alternate #REG-1