Spring/Summer Cleaning Items

From light (disposable 10 mm) to heavyweight (35 mm), PVC over polyester rainwear resists abrasion, tears and snags and provides solid protection from a variety of industrial compounds, acids and oils. Made with raglan sleeves, durable storm fly front, vented cape back, non-conductive snaps, suspenders with elastic, snap fly, corduroy collar, waist and ankle gather snaps. Three piece suits consist of jacket, detachable hood and bib overalls.

Industrial Boot
Yellow "slush" boots with black buckle sole keep the feet dry in any kind of wet weather, flooding, sewer back-ups, etc.


SAS-5120 ERB Visitor/Utility Spectacle - Clear
Provides an economical alternative in eye protection. Polycarbonate lens offers 99% UV protection. Can be worn alone or over prescription glasses.
-Meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 - High impact



3M[tm] Easy Trap Duster - 5.0" W x 125 ft
Use both sides of the duster without touching it. Nonwoven three dimensional web. Works on most horizontal surfaces. Low drag reduces worker fatigue.

UNG-DS50Y Unger® Pro Duster Replacement Sleeve - 18" x 7"
Disposable anti-static ProDuster sleeves attract and hold dust instead of spreading it around. The ProDusterquickly and easily dusts over cluttered desks, blinds, computers, electronic equipment, and even plants. The ProDuster is safe for any surface, contains no oils or waxes, and won't streak or leave any residue. Using ProDuster sleeves over your wool or feather type dusters prolongs the life of your dusters while providing more effective dusting. Use for dusting until the entire surface of the ProDuster is soiled, then discard.
CTX-614213 Nobles[tm] Scout 24[tm] Vacuum/Sweeper - 24"
Scout 24[tm] can clean twice the space of a wide-area vacuum and four times the area of standard uprights. Being compact and maneuverable, this vacuum/sweeper can quickly and easily move in and out of congested areas and narrow aisles.

A-32-105*  Light- to Medium-Duty Gloves
A comfortable, long-wearing replacement for cotton or leather gloves. Made from a long-wearing nitrile-impregnated fabric which provides excellent snag, puncture, abrasion, and cut resistance. Hynit gloves outwear 8-ounce cotton by as much as 10 to 1, goatskin by 3 to 1, and light leather by 4 to 1. The gloves feature superior dry grip, no silicone, and are light and comfortable to wear. Fully launderable, with color-coded cuffs to simplify sorting and storage.

A-1-114* Vinyl-Impregnated, Interlock Knit-Lined  
STD gloves offer superior flexibility and excellent dexterity, plus they outwear 8-ounce cotton gloves by at least 5 to 1. For many applications, STD gloves even outperform goatskin and light leather gloves. In addition, they’re machine washable for longer service life.

WC-500*  Split shoulder leather palm work gloves 
Select shoulder gunn pattern leather palm glove features a green/pink striped canvas back.  Leather fingertips and knuckle strap fro added durability.  2 1/2" rubberized safety cuff.

WC-994*  Select grade pigskin driver's gloves 
Provides durable hand protection for general hand protection.  Pigskin is moisture resistant with excellent breath ability, keeping hands cool and dry.  Straight thumb.


WC-708 General purpose cotton canvas glove 
Comfortable work glove for protection in light-duty applications.  Clute cut.  Standard weight cotton.


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