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A 3M™ Nomad™ Entrance Matting System is designed to stop dirt and moisture at the door, elping keep floors clean throughout your entire facility. It's called a system because it's more than just a single mat. It consists of different types of mats, each doing its specific job to help keep your building clean. The matting is available in many sizes, colors and constructions to fit any décor and traffic level. A Nomad™ entrance matting system helps provide:

  • Better looking floors
  • Floors that stay cleaner longer
  • Easier-to-maintain floors
  • Safer floors

There are two basic types of matting within the 3M Entrance Matting System:

3M™ Nomad™ Scraper Matting

This outdoor and foyer matting is your first line of defense, scraping dirt and moisture from shoes. 3M offers two types of Nomad™ scraper matting:

  1. Vinyl looped construction that allows dirt and moisture to fall below the matting surface, keeping shoes dry and clean. An ideal first mat for your matting system.
    Nomad Illustration

  2. Open "Z" vinyl construction with peaked edges that provide excellent scraping action. Excellent for foyers and recessed wells.
    Z-Vinyl Illustration

3M™ Nomad™ Carpet Matting
Carpet matting is your last defense in the Nomad™ entrance matting system. Designed for indoor use, this matting removes moisture as well as dirt that was not removed by outdoor scraper matting. Nomad™ carpet matting has a patented dual-fiber design with coarse polypropylene fibers that scrape soil particles from shoes and fine nylon or polypropylene fibers that help wick away water.
         Carpet Illustration

3M™ Floor Matting Accessories

3M also provides stay-in-place tapes, seaming materials, matting edging, and adhesives to help customize and install your entrance matting system.




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